Energy Check with online renovation


In a well insulated house, low heating costs and a cuddly warm home need not be a contradiction.

Would attic insulation pay off for your house? How much would installing new windows reduce your heating costs? Let the Energy Check including online renovation show you – quickly and for free – whether you are using too much energy for heating and hot water and how you can save real money.

This is how it works:

  • Model your home step by step on the computer (takes about five minutes).
  • The Energy Check computes your energy consumption and your energy index in relation to the Austrian average (= benchmark for the Energy Performance Certificate).
  • You can conduct various renovation measures online. The Energy Check computes the result and helps you to select the best measures.
  • An automatically generated list of renovation measures prepares you for starting your real>

Energy Check with online renovation

Our free Appliance-Check is available to you for your household appliances.

The Energy Check lets you discover the biggest energy consumers in your home and the best renovation options: heating, heating system, pellets heating system, oil heating, solar heat, geothermal, hot water, outside walls, insulation, insulation, heavy-duty thermal insulation, wall thickness, windows, passive house windows, insulating glass windows, thermally insulated windows, double windows, roof, top ceiling, roof angle, basement, HVAC, ...