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Hit list of the energy guzzlers

Save energy – but where?

With rising energy costs and increasing environmental awareness, there are enough reasons to reduce your energy consumption.

However, which parts in your household need the most energy? Is the refrigerator the largest energy guzzler, or the lighting, or stand-by operation of electrical appliances? The answers could surprise you.

Energy guzzlers in an average household

80 % heating
10 %warm water
2,6 %TV/PC/small appliances (incl. heating pump 8 %)
2 % cooking/washing
1,7 %refridgeration/freezing
1,7 %washing/drying
1 %lighting
1 %stand-by

Building shell (= heating loss)

35 %fronts (valid for year of construction 1960)
25 %tops ceiling (uninsulated)
25 %Windows, doors
15 %Basement ceiling

Heating and heat production

10 %Lack of night time heating reduction
5 %Air in the heating cycle
5 %Too high outlet temperatures
4 %Badly insulated heating pipes
3 %Too high inlet temperatures

Energy consumption of household appliances

26 %TV/PC/small appliances
17 %refridgeration/freezing
12 %cooking
10 %drying
10 %lighting
10 %stand-by
8 %rinse
7 %wash

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Where the most energy is used, the greatest energy savings potential resides.